BBD Digital Treasure Hunt Related FAQs

What if I am not among the first 10,000 users on any given day to claim the Culture Spark NFT?
This is an exclusive limited edition event and is currently applicable only for the first 10,000 users who will complete the quest on the given day. It is recommended for you to complete your KYC before initiating the quest for collecting the Culture Sparks.
How many clues do I need to solve successfully in order to be eligible to claim the Culture Spark NFT on any given day?
There will be 3 clues every day to claim the Culture Spark NFT. You should solve 2 out of 3 clues for being eligible to claim the Culture Spark NFT
What if I was among the first 10,000 to successfully solve the clues but my KYC was rejected and hence, I couldn’t claim the Culture Spark NFT?
We have provided a detailed procedure to have your KYC verified and proceeded. However, in case of any KYC rejection observed, please write to us at for helping you further.
What are the lucky-draw based rewards at the end of the Treasure Hunt? Is there any benefit in collecting more Culture Sparks?
We will have the rewards shared towards the end of the event. Your objective will be to collect more culture sparks as each reward will be characterised by the number of culture sparks owned.
Why is only one Culture Spark of any given kind transferable?
You will be receiving two culture sparks if you have solved 2 out of the 3 clues posed. Only one will be transferable for you to be sharing it on social platform, the other would be kept in your vault in order for us to reward you in the future as part of events driven by FireDrops
Where can I view the Culture Sparks claimed as part of the quest done?
No, trading the NFT on the FireDrops platform is not available, yet.