Flipverse Related FAQs

What is Flipverse?
Flipverse is a virtual world where you do not exist as yourself - but as a digital twin. You can claim a Digital Collectible - Strand - your Culture Passport, create your own avatar, enter brand contests, and avail exclusive discounts on your favourite brands.
How can I hitch a ride to Flipverse?
Only the best voyagers will be able to enter the Flipverse. Start the game & hop in to your spaceship. As you navigate through space, you will see that your path is blocked by asteroids. Luckily, your spaceship has laser cannons which you will use to destroy these asteroids. Reach the portal at the end to enter Flipverse.
My journey there is pixellated, how can I make the ride smoother?
The Flipverse is being streamed to your device and requires a stable internet connection. Please switch to Wifi for a smooth experience.
I just landed, why don’t I look like myself?
The strange forces of space travel wiped out your identity when you entered the Flipverse. To create a digital version of yourself, just claim the Strand NFT or Digital Collectible and head to the Avatar Incubator to create a digital version of yourself that looks just like you.
Now you confuse me, whats even is the strand?
The Strand is an NFT or Digital Collectible that gives you access to unique cultural experiences. Once you claim the Strand, you can create your digital twin and truly make the Flipverse ‘your’ virtual world. Head to the lotus to claim the Strand if you haven’t already.
Take me there! Wait, how do I move around?
Use the joystick on the bottom-left of your screen to move around in the Flipverse. Using the joystick on the bottom-left of your screen, you can control your Avatar and move around in the Flipverse. Alternatively, you can also tap around the screen to navigate directly to different places.
Wow, did I just see my favourite brand?
Yes, yes, you did. Discover products from top brands in 3D across fashion, electronics and BGM, There’s something for everyone - redeem offers, take part in contests. It's a whole new way to shop.
How do I get my hands on the products and offers?
Using the joystick on the bottom-left of your screen, navigate to the brand tables (these are the tables with the big screens on them). You can now see various products in 3D form. Tap on the product you like to see more information. Tap on the Offer List to see the exclusive offers that are available to you.
Why do I need to complete my KYC to get the Strand?
Govt. regulations require us to process KYC for as we are providing digital collectibles and custodial wallets. We have made this a li’l fun though - you can win upto 500* SuperCoins if you successfully complete your KYC on FireDrops. iOS users - Upload a clear and recent picture of yourself and your proof of address. Android users - please link your mobile number to your Aadhar so that’ll make it a lot easier for you to complete your KYC.
What are Offer spaces & how do I participate?
Offer spaces are represented as the 3 rotating orbs in the center of Flipverse. You can access exclusive brand offers & get a sneak peek of eDAO’s IP partners by interacting with these offer spaces. To activate the offer spaces, move close to the Orb. When you are close enough will notice screens appear with offers on them. To learn more about the offer(s) on the screen, tap on it. Follow the instructions on the screens to be eligible for the offer. NOTE: The offer spaces are open to all users.